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May 2018

Communication is an important part of our lives.  It is a desirable goal in all of our relationships, although there are times we find it difficult to achieve and even more difficult to maintain.  One of the goals that we, in the Church office, are always trying to improve is our ability to communicate.  It is one of those things that no matter how hard we try, or what new opportunities technology offers, effective communication always seems just out of reach.

One of the problems with communication that it requires two parties.  I really don’t have a big issue communicating with myself.  If I tell me something, usually, I am listening.  When I send me a memo, I not only get the memo, but I understand what the memo is intending to communicate.  But, when I bring in a second party, I find that those communication skills that I take for granted within myself, are not as well received.  And, I must confess, I often find that my statements may not communicate my meaning quite as clearly as I had intended.  Plus, I have found that the more parties that enter into attempts of communication the more difficult it becomes.

Now, you may ask, “What in the world is he trying to communicate to me?”  Actually, the answer to that has little to do with speaking, or writing, or listening skills.  Rather, I would like us to consider what we do in relation to our attempts to communicate with God?  “Well,” you may say, “he’s talking about prayer.”  If so, you are partially correct.  But, I’m actually referring to a broader concept of communication with God.  Just think about it.  Is it not an incredible thing that the creative God of the universe who is omni-everything, who is the apex of love, mercy, and grace, wants us to communicate with Him and He to us?

Yes, I am talking about having an active prayer life.  We need to come to God on a regular basis and pray.  During that prayer, we need to praise, petition, and listen.  This needs to be a habitual part of our routine.  But, I am also talking about worship.  This may sound odd to you, but I am convinced that worship is a form of communication to and with God.  In our public worship, we sing, we give, we read, we preach, and we listen.  We find these things enjoyable while we are doing them.  But, we also need to consider that for worship to be real and effective, it must be extended to God.  We are communicating to Him our reverence and adoration.  We are also opening our hearts up to receive whatever communication that His Spirit wants to deliver to us.  While this is true of our corporate worship, it also must be true of our personal worship.  If the only time you pray is when you pray in church or before a meal, it is obvious that your prayer life is in need of growth.  Likewise, if the only worship time you have is when you meet in church on Sundays, then your worship life is in need of growth. 

If you consider the breadth of these statements, then it only stands to reason, that prayer and worship are tightly wound together.  In fact they are so tightly wound together, I do not believe they can be fully separated.  I see no way to pray without including some worship.  And I certainly see no way to worship without prayer.  I think this holds true to public and private prayer and public and private worship.

So, what I would like you consider as you read this is how is your communication with God?  Is your prayer life what it should be?  Is your worship life what it should be?   These are questions that we should be asking ourselves on a regular basis.  I think all of us could use a communication check up with our Heavenly Father.  I know He would like to hear from us.  I know that we need to talk to Him.  And I definitely know that all of us need to hear from Him as well. 


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