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September 2017

We made it!  The eclipse is over and we are still here.  The town is rapidly returning to normal.  The world did not end.  As near as I can tell, no stable of demons were unleashed on the earth, the sun did not stay darkened.  None of the tales of superstition that have accompanied this event have taken place.  And quite frankly, we would have been more shocked had they transpired, than if they had not.  Which they did not.

In all honesty, coming up to the eclipse, I thought the whole thing was much ado about very little.  I had seen eclipses before, albeit not total, but eclipses nonetheless.  But, I must admit, that a total eclipse of the sun is a far more spectacular natural phenomena than I had expected.  As the totality neared, things simply changed.  Things slowly got darker, the air chilled a bit, the dogs in the neighborhood were barking wildly, everything just seemed a little strange.  Then, when totality happened, the eclipse glasses no longer worked, and the naked eye could be used to safely look at the eclipse.  I viewed the moon as I had never viewed it before.  I viewed the sun as I had never viewed it before.  The wind laid down completely, the chill increased, the neighborhood dogs went silent, all traffic stopped, there was a hush unlike anything I had ever experienced. It was spectacular!  Then as the 2+ minutes of totality passed, the first direct rays of the sun, shot past the edge of the moon and the eclipse glasses came back into play.  Within a few minutes, the darkness waned, full light was restored, the dogs started up again, the air began to warm, traffic resumed and before you knew it, for all practical purposes, it was over.

Now what do we take from this?  There is much the scientist have learned, although most of that is way over my head.  There was much socialization, as families, and neighbors, and even strangers shared in this event.  But, there is much spiritual application in all this as well.  Not the spiritual application that people who worship the sun or nature may develop.  But, for those of us who worship the Creator of nature, there are some things we should note. 

First of all, we should note the power of light.  According to Genesis 1:3 the first thing that God created was light.  Later in the creation process, He bottled the light up in the sun, the moon and the stars, but light came first of all created things.  Therefore, it is easy to conclude that light is the most basic of needed elements for the rest of creation, including the creation of mankind (that would be us).  Also, John opens his gospel by referring to Jesus as the “Light of men”, John 1: 4.  And in that Light there is Llfe.  Not biological life, but rather spiritual life.  It was built into us from the very act of creation, then reinstituted as Christ came to Bethlehem, went to Calvary, then rose from the grave.  This is God’s ultimate exercise of grace, opening up the door of restoration that we could return to Him through the Light He provides, which is His Son.

The other illustration I saw play out in the eclipse is the power and effect of totality.  As I said earlier, I have seen partial eclipses before.  And while I find them interesting, I viewed them as less than spectacular.  But, when the moon held the sun in total eclipse and we were in as deep a shadow as possible, the totality was amazing.  This illustrates to me the power of the totality of Christ.  Often we try to keep Jesus touching our lives in limited ways.  We refuse to give over everything to Him.  We will not trust Him with certain things and we do our best to maintain a certain amount of control.  When a Christian lives in this way, it leads us to a less than spectacular life.  But when we allow Christ to totally eclipse our sinful nature, and trust Him to overshadow every part of our lives, the result we see is beyond anything that we have ever imagined.  The difference is that the total eclipse of the sun could not last long.  Whereas, Christ’s overshadowing of our lives can become permanent, and it is to our great benefit for that to be the case.

So, the solar eclipse has come and gone.  Who knows when or if any of us may see another?  But, whatever the future may hold, let us remember that the Light of Christ shining in our lives is essential for us now and forever.  At the same time, we must seek to have Jesus overshadow our lives if we want to get all that God has for us here and now.

Pastor Quin 


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