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April 2017

In our called Business Meeting on March 8, our Church approved the recommendation from our Building Committee to move forward with the construction of the multi-purpose building that we have been planning for a long time.  I was strongly encouraged by the meeting.  It was well attended.  There were many good questions and much discussion.  The meeting ran about an hour and twenty minutes and I would characterize it as thorough, but positive.  At the end of the time, those who gathered voted unanimously to approve the recommendation.

A part of the recommendation was to approve the sale of notes for the capital funds for the construction.  These are to be sold in phases as the need for these funds comes about. (The first set of these notes are now available to be purchased at the Church Office.)  There will be many developments as the construction unfolds, and I will do my best to keep everyone updated.

The purpose for this article is not to make announcements or to encourage you to buy a note. Although both of those things are important.  No, I want to dedicate the rest of this space to what we must do as a congregation to complete the daunting task that stands before us.

Very simply put, the only way that this task can be accomplished is for each of us to do our part!  In the book of Nehemiah, we have the record of a great and difficult building project.  Israel had been allowed to return to Jerusalem and to live there again.  What Nehemiah found was a mess.  While people had moved in, they were in a very difficult circumstance.  The walls of Jerusalem remained in ruins and efforts to rebuild them had all been thwarted by forces from both inside and out.  Nehemiah, under God’s direction, organized the folks calling on each family and clan to simply do their part.  And in Nehemiah 6: 15, we read, “The wall was completed in 52 days.”  An accomplishment that no one expected, but God provided.

So what will we, Boyd Avenue, have to do to accomplish this thing that we have agreed together to do?  The answer is simple.  Each of us will have to put our shoulder to the wheel.  Each of us has something we can and must do.  This is not something that I as pastor can accomplish alone.  The Deacons can’t do this, or the Building Committee can’t do this alone.  This is something that will require all of us doing what we can do.  In Nehemiah, each family was called upon to build a certain section of the wall.  Each family rose to the challenge and the walls were built, providing the security they needed to flourish.

So, what is your part?  That, I cannot answer.  But, God can!  He may lead you to help in any number of ways.  Some can help financially.  Some can give much, others less.  We need people to keep giving to the Building Fund.  We need people to make loans through our note sale.  Some can’t give financially, but they will be able to give labor.  There will be phases of this project when we will need volunteers to come out to work on certain parts of the project.  We will need people to clean up after them.  And we will need people to provide a meal or two so workers can have a quick lunch on days they volunteer.  There will be other things that will arise that will demand someone to step forward and say, “I will do that.”  God will lead some of us to help in multiple ways.  But, there is also something else that each and every one of us can and must do.  This is the most important part of the project.  We need Building Project Prayer Warriors!  This whole thing must be bathed in prayer from beginning to end, or it will not be accomplished.  Will we see the project completed in 52 days?  Probably not.  But, if we all prayerfully and collectively put our shoulders to the wheel, I am certain that we will be amazed at what God accomplishes through us!


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