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May 2017

May is both a very stressful and exciting time for our high school seniors.  These students are finishing last minute papers, preparing for finals and looking at the end of their high school careers. As one chapter of their life is coming to an end, another is beginning.  Their future is wide open with many possibilities.

I am thankful for these students that God has entrusted to us over the years.  We have watched them grow, some from the time they were very little. Many of these students have grown up together. There are pictures of them together as small children at birthday parties and church activities. They grew up in and have participated in the children’s ministry, Christmas programs, led in worship, been involved in VBS, participated in the youth ministry, and went on mission trips.  These students have been a vital part of our church life.

As they move from youth to “young adults” let’s not forget our responsibility to these students.  As graduation approaches, remember to pray for the seniors as they are transitioning in life.  Some of these students will be choosing colleges, some beginning their careers, and some looking at joining the military.  God is opening new opportunities and these students deserve our prayer.

Some of these students will stay in Casper and continue to be involved in our church. It is a joy to look around our church and see many of these former students who are active today in our church. It is important that we help them find new and different places for them to serve in our church. For many, it is a difficult transition from being a youth to the next stage of church involvement.  Statistics show that a majority of these students are leaving the church (up to 90%). We need to help them continue to grow in their relationship with Christ.  God entrusted them to us throughout their childhood and that doesn’t end at graduation.  We still have a responsibility to theses students. 

Seniors, congratulations!  You have reached a milestone in life.  Your future is wide open.  Our prayer is that you follow God as He opens new doors for you.

In Him,




April 2017

I guess this is the time for my annual newsletter article promoting our summer camps.

We are looking forward to another great year on Casper Mountain as we participate in Summit and Children’s Camp.  If you are not going to camp, please don’t stop reading.  This is a tremendous ministry that really does involve a church wide effort to be successful.

Summit has grown to the point where there are now two weeks offered. Our church will participate in the first week and we have about 50 spots reserved.  This camp takes place July 17-22 and the cost is $165.  This camp is open to those that are completing sixth through twelfth grades.  July 1st is our deadline to sign up for Summit.

We also have Children’s Camp July 6-10.  This camp is open for students finishing third through sixth grade.  The cost of this camp is $85.  Children’s Camp is a very popular camp and we need to get our registration in early.

These camps play a strategic role in our youth and children’s ministry.  Not only are these weeks highlights of the summer but are used as platforms for further ministry.  Every year, we see students become Christians, grow in their relationship with Christ, and deal with issues in their lives.  I am very thankful that we have Mountain Top Baptist Assembly and these camps as resources in our state.

As a church, there are ways to be involved.  It is essential that we pray for these camps.  Pray for those that are going, both students and sponsors.  Pray that God will work in the lives of these that are going.  Pray for those that are preparing and leading these camps.  We also have a need for sponsors to go with our students to camp.  Maybe God would have you spend a week on top of wonderful Casper Mountain with a group of teenagers or children.  There is also a financial need.  Many students can’t afford the cost of camp.  Every year, we provide scholarships for several students so that they can attend one of these camps.  I am so very thankful that I can tell students and their families that we will be able to help them.  There has never been a student in my time at Boyd Avunue who has not attended camp because they could not afford it.

I am already excited about what God will do this summer.  Thank you for participating in Camp with us.  As part of the body of Christ, this is a ministry we do together.



March 2017

I enjoy the different seasons. Spring brings longer days and warmer weather. Summer is filled with outdoor activity. The crisp fall days mean that hunting season is here. And then there is winter. Winter is not my favorite season. Actually it is my least favorite. I am not a fan of the cold and I don’t like the long, dark days. I especially am not a fan of shoveling snow. I do, however, know the importance of winter. Especially in Wyoming and the western states where winter snow brings water for the summer. This makes me appreciate winter, but I will never like it.  The only benefit to winter is that it makes me appreciate summer all the more.

Thankfully, winter is almost over.  I know that the weather outside can’t make up its mind. Nice one day and snow the next. The following couple of months will bring much of the same, but the calendar says that winter is almost over and spring is near. 

The end of winter and the beginning of spring bring newness to life.  I have always enjoyed the freshness that comes with the end to winter.  The sun is out, baseball is starting, and visions of green grass and outdoor activity are on my mind.  My favorite times of the year.

My ministry and in my spiritual life can be like the seasons. There are times that I feel like winter: Cold, gloomy and seeming to last forever. These are the days when I feel empty, tired and ready for something fresh.  We all have these times in our lives. They can be times of struggle, doubt, difficulty, or just times that our spiritual lives are dry. Just like with winter, I don’t particularly enjoy these times, but they can serve a purpose. The good news is that with winter comes spring.  I know that there are times of struggle, but with these will come a time of celebration.  The sun will shine.  God will work, and great things will happen. Then come times like summer and fall, full of excitement and adventure. Times when we feel so close to God and are refreshed in His presence.

  In the midst of winter it is sometimes hard to look ahead to the spring. I am thankful that through all seasons God is at work.  There will be a time when I can look back and see how God has worked, and will appreciate it even more because of the time of struggle.  I appreciate summer because we have winter.  I appreciate God’s goodness, because of my struggles.




February 2017

One of the things that I really appreciate about working with students at Boyd Avenue is the ability we have to participate in mission trips and build partnerships around our world.  It is again time to really emphasize these trips as we put teams together, seek prayer, and raise the money to make these trips possible.  In March a group of college students from Casper and Sheridan Colleges will be heading to Dallas on Spring Break.  In June, several teens, college students, and adults will serve for a week in Haiti.  Finally, in July, a group from Boyd Avenue will take our annual trip to Calgary as we serve with our friends at Southwinds Church.  These trips have become ongoing partnerships in which we are heavily invested.
Cornerstone Baptist Church in Dallas is a church that God is using to truly transform a community. This will be our sixth trip to Dallas where our students have been involved in numerous children’s outreach ministries both around the church and in some of the parks in surrounding communities, ministered to the homeless in their clothes closet and working in the kitchen serving, and gutting and then remodeling homes and apartments that were once used for drugs and prostitution, but are now used for ministry. We are excited to be a part of this life-changing ministry.

This will be our second trip to Haiti.  We are working with Haitian Outreach Ministries where we will spend our week doing children’s ministry, women’s ministry, and some construction and painting.  Our students are busy raising money to help offset the cost of plane tickets, the cost of the project, and for food and lodging while in Haiti. We are very excited about this opportunity. Last year we were hoping for a permanent partnership, where we can send medical, construction, and future teams to work with children. This has become a reality.

Very shortly after returning from Haiti, we will be heading to Canada to continue our partnership with Southwinds Church. Last year God opened doors for a new partnership alongside Southwinds. We did our first basketball camp with a Chinese Church and will be leading that camp again this year. Space does not allow for me to share how we saw God work in putting this camp together and the results of our week there. We will also be doing something different with Southwinds. We began our ministry with them doing soccer camps and for the last several years have done basketball camps. This year we will be assisting with a T-ball camp. I am very thankful for our friendship and partnership with our brothers and sisters from Calgary. We have spent many years serving together, both in Canada and in Wyoming.

These mission experiences give our students the ability to see God at work around our world and then bring back a renewed passion for ministry in our community.  It is important to develop a Kingdom mindset as we carry out the Great Commission.  Join with me in supporting these trips through prayer, encouragement, and if possible, a financial donation. God has used these trips to change lives, both among those who go and in those we minister to.



January 2017

As another year has drawn to a close, I have spent some time reflecting on life and ministry. Life is and always will be an adventure. Just a couple months ago I was sitting in the mountains overlooking a beautiful valley, watching eagles fly overhead, listening to elk bugle in the distance, and marveling at just how great our God is. It was a quiet time where I could just stop and think about all that God has been doing and be humbled that he allows me to participate.

There are many people and events that have shaped who I am. God has blessed me and our church with many amazing students over the years. I am thankful that I get to interact with them on a daily basis. Many of these students have had significant impact on my life as I watch them grow in relationship with God and serve him. Recently, I ran into a former student that I did not recognize. She shared with me the impact that Boyd Avenue had on her life. She credited her time in our ministry with her coming to know Jesus as Savior. Truthfully, my involvement in her life was minimal. Our students’ involvement in her life has made an eternal difference. Students like these continue to be an example to me.

Three times a year I spend a week in a different part of our world. My time in Dallas, Calgary, and Haiti have been influential in my daily walk with Jesus. We have watched as Cornerstone Church in Dallas has been instrumental in transforming their community. They are an example of a church being the light in a dark world. I have learned so much from our ten years travelling to Dallas. Southwinds church in Calgary has become like family. They continue to not only minister in the community that God placed them in, but are constantly looking for opportunity to expand His ministry. They are an example of not being content in ministry but in reaching those around them. My week in Haiti has been life-changing. I am thankful that God orchestrated things to begin a partnership with Haiti Outreach Ministries. The people involved in this ministry have a sincere desire to impact their country with the love of Jesus. In the big picture, my involvement is so little, but does have a purpose. I am a better person and minister because of these experiences.

My life cannot be about me. It must always be about the one who created me. I often pray that I can have His heart, see through His eyes, and love a world with His love. I want that to be true every day with my family, in my ministry at Boyd Avenue and on the Casper   College Campus, and in our partnerships around the world.   I have been called into a relationship with God. That relationship is shown in my love for others. Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to be involved in your ministry.