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August 2012

All of our children, youth, and college students head back to school this month.  Some are making the transition from elementary to middle school, some from middle school to high school, some from high school to college and some just changing grades.  In all cases, our students are taking the next step in their educational future.

Our students face many challenges that come with a school year.  As a church, we should keep this in mind and pray for them.   They will face such things as academic challenges, struggles with friends, figuring out where they belong, and all the other things that go along with being in school. 
The Christian students are  also missionaries to their campuses.  They spend every day with hundreds of other students who do not know Jesus.  The campus is a huge mission field.  Whether it be elementary, middle school, high school, or college, there are students who are facing life with questions and our      students have the answer in   Jesus.  We need to pray for boldness, wisdom and strength for our students as they live for Jesus in their schools.

At the end of the month we will have a back to school bash to celebrate the next school year.  We will have the inflatables, cook hamburgers and hot dogs, serve snow cones and popcorn.  We will have a great time bringing in the new school year.  As we do, let us lift up our students and teachers, thanking God for what he will do in their lives and how He will use them for His ministry.

In Him,



June 2012

One of my favorite things about the summer ministry is working with our interns. Over the years we have
had many college students work with us to assist in our summer programs. Some of these students have gone on to become pastors, missionaries, music leaders, and Sunday school teachers. Most are actively serving our God in many different professions. It has been exciting to see how God has used these students for His glory. This summer we have three students working with us. Stephanie, Tye, and Derek will be helping in a wide range of church ministry this summer. Their summer will begin with helping with the yard sale and preparation for VBS. They will teach in VBS and work with our children and youth during the Wednesday night Bible study. They will serve with us on our mission trip to Canada and be sponsors to children and youth camp. But, most importantly, they will spend time with our children and youth, leading them and being an example to them.

As much as these students help and assist us, we also have a great opportunity as a church to invest ourselves in the lives of these interns. These are young men and women who are growing and trying to figure out what God has for them in the future. Our support, love, and encouragement is invaluable to their development as servants of Christ.

Pray for these students this summer. Take some time to get to know them. If you have opportunity, take them out to lunch or have them over to your house. Allow them to share about themselves and what God is doing in their lives. Play a part in their spiritual development. In doing so, you will be blessed, they will be blessed, and God’s kingdom will be furthered.


May 2012

Why do we have church? Can't we worship wherever and whenever we want without having to go to a church? These are questions that are being asked by many people all around us, both Christians and non Christians. In so many people's lives, church is becoming irrelevant. So what is the answer?

It would be so easy to say that we should just go to church. That is what we are supposed to do as Christians. We could just dismiss these as dumb questions by people who just don't want to be in church. But just maybe the answer issue is deeper and needs to be examined.

I think that when people say that the church is irrelevant, that we need to examine what we do and see if we are relevant. Are we making a difference in the lives of people? In my mind, belonging to a church is a covenant between a person and the church. In order to be relevant, both sides need to live up to the covenant. As a church, we need to provide certain things to people. Now, when I talk about the church, I am speaking of the organization of individuals who make up the body of Christ. We are the church and the function of the church resides with each of us. We need to meet the needs of people both as a body
and as individuals. We need to provide a worship experience that is practical and brings people into an encounter with God. Regardless of personal interest or style, the main focus of our worship should be God. Church should provide opportunities for individuals to be involved in studying God's word in way that will impact their lives. Church should provide Christian fellowship that is encouraging and challenging. We need to provide people with a place and opportunities to use their gifts and talents in serving our God.

The church can offer all these things, but the other part of the covenant is that people need to be involved. The church can provide the opportunity for worship, but we have to worship as individuals. Worship comes from us. Bible Study and fellowship that impact lives must have people involved. It can't happen without committed individuals participating together. Ministry only happens when we use our gifts together to accomplish His purposes. I'm sure the Bible addresses this.

We have a good church. God is doing great things here. My desire is that we don't rest in who we are, but strive to be more. We won't be all we can be until this world ends. We need to continue to do whatever is necessary to be relevant and impact the lives of people. This is why we have a church and why we need each other.

In Him,


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